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Discover the style and art of expression with Casarto and GoGaudi

At a time when individuality and personal style are becoming more and more important, we at Casarto are excited to introduce our partnership with GoGaudi. This collaboration aims to improve the quality of life of the 50+ generation by offering unique designs and exclusive artwork for phone cases that not only protect but also inspire in style.


Casarto – your expert for designer phone cases


Casarto stands for exclusive cell phone cases that merge art and fashion. Our products are the result of selected creativity and the highest quality standards. Each case is more than just protection for your device - it is an extension of your personality and a daily companion that radiates joy. With Casarto, you experience the joy of excellent design and superior functionality every day.


Why Casarto and GoGaudi are the perfect combination


GoGaudi understands the needs and desires of the 50+ generation like no other. With the motto "Now life begins", GoGaudi offers a platform that not only offers recognition, but also increases the joy of life through practical and beautiful products. In cooperation with Casarto, our customers find cell phone cases that are not only functional, but also stand out artistically.


Exclusive discount for seniors


To ensure more seniors have access to our stylish phone cases, we are offering a special discount available exclusively through GoGaudi. Visit the GoGaudi website, create an account and not only get this special discount, but also access to other unique offers.


Your satisfaction is our goal


At Casarto, we understand that a phone case is more than just a purchase - it's a part of your everyday life. That's why we guarantee the highest level of satisfaction with a trial period where you can experience the quality of our designs and materials for yourself. Not convinced? Returns are hassle-free and easy.


Casarto supports seniors

Our commitment goes beyond the product. We believe that support and careful customization are necessary to maximize the quality of life. Our phone cases are not only a fashion statement, but also practical and user-friendly.


Act now


Take the opportunity to experience the quality and style of Casarto phone cases for yourself. Visit the GoGaudi website, create your account and let our products enrich your life. Together with GoGaudi we help you lead an active, stylish and fulfilling life.


About GoGaudi


GoGaudi is an innovative platform dedicated to the well-being and quality of life of the 50+ generation. With a wide range of offers, from cultural activities to health-promoting products, GoGaudi offers everything your heart desires - optimistic, welcoming and always with your best interest in mind.

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