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about us

Casarto is a German fashion and lifestyle brand for mobile phone accessories. We strive to create fashionable products and collaborate with various artists who share our vision. 

Dare something new with Casarto cell phone accessories and stand out from the crowd with our artworks. 

Our basic principles are quality, design and functionality. Our products are therefore only made from carefully selected materials. We design all our products ourselves and work with various artists and graphic designers to create unique, creative and fashion statements for your mobile phone.

At the same time, we always strive to find new, innovative and creative solutions. CASARTO arose from the desire for innovation and our insatiable creativity.

Our vision is to be a unique choice in cell phone accessories, bringing the creativity and power of art into fashion.



We strive to deliver only the best quality to our customers from A to Z. This includes everything from the manufacturing process of our handmade products to our sustainable mindset. Each product is made from carefully selected materials and undergoes a quality test before delivery. We also care a lot about the environment and all our products meet strict European standards and guidelines.



CASARTO is constantly developing new, innovative functions with the aim of simplifying the everyday life of busy people. The cell phone, once a status symbol, is now by far the most used everyday tool; Due to its popularity and important role in our lives, the phone cases are also becoming more and more important. This is where we come in. CASARTO aims to offer you the most creative, functional and fashionable mobile phone cases on the market.


Inspired by the latest fashion fairs and catwalk trends, we develop all our products here in Sweden. We challenge ourselves anew every day and our attention to detail flows into every product design, which ultimately makes a subtle but crucial difference. For us, the term design not only includes appearance, but also practicality and functionality. Form and functionality must harmonize with each other - and it is precisely this feeling that we want to convey with our products.


All our products are made from carefully selected, high-quality materials. We're particularly proud of our premium PU material, which closely resembles real leather while being more durable, making it ideal for phone accessories with a high level of wear and tear. Premium PU is also the reason for the great price-performance ratio of our premium products.

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